The core value during the process of rendering legal aid to the Client is highly professional performance of work and the result by strict observation of mutual respect and trust between the parties.

Legal Aid Specialization

Providing legal services to companies

Surveillance over legal protection proceeding (SLPP)

Insolvency and bankruptcy cases for physical and legal entities

Transactions and contracts – for physical persons and legal entities

Litigation – for physical and legal entities

Criminal cases – for physical persons and legal entities

Liability Law – for physical persons and legal entities

Family law Administrative cases

Administrative cases – for physical persons and legal entities

Sworn Advocate Daina Pukite practices as Arbitrator in:

Arbitration Court of Association of Latvian Commercial Banks.

Work experience


1992 – graduated Latvia University Law Faculty

 2019 – “RISEBA” University of Business, Arts and Technology, comleted professional development education in the program “Data Analysis and Reporting for Financial Management Decision Making”.

Regularly rising qualification, by attending courses and trainings in connection with the Legal issues and Law, including tax cases.

Work experience:

1985–1996, joined the Court system of the Republic of Latvia.

1996 –1998 Legal Counsel in Bank system

Starting from 1998 up till today practicing as a Sworn Advocate.

Member of the „Latvian Association of Certified Insolvency Process Administrators”.

Managing the liquidation and insolvency process of JSC Commercial bank “Viktorija”.

Experienced in Competition Law within an international project. Since 2009 a member of the „Commission on Vocational Training, Surveillance over and Examination of Assistants to Sworn Advocates”.

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